Project detail
Large-scale forest inventory in the territory of the Šumava National Park
Funding institution:
Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic
Responsible at IFER:
Martin Černý
Project realization:
1998 - 2003
Project VaV/620/2/99, VaV/620/1/01. It is a long-term project of the Ministry of the Environment with the objective of performing the first inventory survey by means of supplemented methods of large-scale forest inventory (VIL) in the territory of the Šumava National Park (Institute for Forest Ecosystems Research, s.r.o., Methodology of large-scale forest inventory. Ministry of Agriculture project, 1995-2000). The VIL methodology is based on a terrestrial survey in a network of points. The decisive parameter affecting the information capability and accuracy of the acquired results is the inventory network density. The VIL programme in the Šumava NP considered as an optimum the selection of the combined inventory network of points of 2x2 km for the entire territory of the park and 0.35x0.35 km for the 1st zone territories. The field survey has been in progress in well over 1,000 plots and shall finish in 2002. Apart from the production characteristics, the final elaboration will additionally include the assessment of other monitored indicators, such as the forest stand biological diversity, ecological stability of the area, etc.