Project detail
SCEFORMA (Scenario analysis of sustainable wood production under different forest management regimes)
Funding institution:
European Union
Alterra, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Responsible at IFER:
Emil Cienciala
Project partners:
IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Jílové u Prahy, Czech Republic
European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland
State Forest Service, Budapest, Hungary
Forest Research Institute, Varsava, Poland
Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry, Ukraine
Project realization:
1999 - 2002
This project performed quantitative assessment of the future wood production under different management scenarios in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. Apart from the mentioned countries, the project partners also came from the Netherlands, (ALTERRA, project coordinator) and Finland (EFI, current EFISCEN model administrator and developer), while the Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research (IFER) acted as a scientific coordinator. The project worked with the EFISCEN model, which was also concerned with the effects of climate change and health state of forest stands on production and its sustainability. You may look at a leaflet describing the project consortium and goals.