Project detail
Large-scale forest inventory of the Czech Republic
Funding institution:
Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic
Responsible at IFER:
Martin Černý
Project realization:
1994 - 2000
Experimental solution of a long-term project centred on the development of methods of a large-scale (statistical) forest inventory in the conditions of the Czech Republic. Throughout the individual phases of the project's realization, the field data collection methodology was produced, a pilot experiment was conducted in an area of approximately 60,000 ha, and data evaluation from this particular pilot experiment took place. Based on the acquired experience, an output document was prepared describing the possibilities of the methods of the employed forest inventory. In 1998, the large-scale forest inventory method was prepared for practical application within the scope of the National Forest Inventory Programme of the CR (NFI). In the following years, focus was mainly on updating the methods and technologies used. The proposed programme was continuously confronted with the European and worldwide developments. The realization was also directed towards further enlargement of the information spectrum utilizable at decision-making by competent workers concerning ensuing development and implementation of the National Forest Inventory Programme of the Czech Republic.