Project detail
Technological and methodological assistance to the Hungarian National Forest Inventory
Funding institution:
Central Agriculture Office, Forestry Directorate
Responsible at IFER:
Petr Blažek
Project realization:
2006 - 2009
The project consisted in supplying technologies and methodological assistance during the preparation of operations associated with the Hungarian National Forest Inventory. In 2006, the Hungarian Public Procurement Council (the project's task submitter) invited tenders for software development and hardware delivery for the upcoming National Forest Inventory. IFER participated in both of these tenders with its own complex Field-Map technology and it won the contract for supplying the hardware designed for field measurements. When however the winning party of the second part of the tender was not able to deliver the required software in line with the agreed schedule, IFER was asked to assume the task in place of the other competitor.
IFER supplied to Hungary 25 sets of the Field-Map (HW+SW) technology used for forest inventory purposes, organized 3 trainings for their future users, delivered the required technology modifications and accessories, and provided assistance with the determination of methodology for data measuring and processing.
At present, continuous measuring of the forest condition on a system of permanent sample plots is under way in Hungary and in winter of 2008/2009, the first NFI round was implemented. Hungary is going to utilize the technology also for a long-term monitoring of the health condition of the forest. The Hungarian side financed the entire project from the European funds.