Project detail
Strengthening the Multifunctional Use of European Land: Coping with Marginalisation (EUROLAN)
Funding institution:
European Union
Institute of Biology and Nature Conservation, Agricultural University of Norway (IBN-NLH)
Responsible at IFER:
Petr Vopěnka
Detailed project pages
Project partners:
Debrecen University, Hungary
Bundesanstalt für Bergbauernfragen, Austria
Universita Autonoma de Barcelona, Department of Applied Economics, Spain
Institute of Geography, University of Tartu, Estonia
MTT Agrifood Research, Finland
University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Biology, Ceske Budejovice
Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI-DLO), Prague
IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Jílové u Prahy, Czech Republic
Project realization:
2003 - 2005
The project will focus on the process of marginalisation of rural areas in European countries with a different status to the EU and historical background. The project aims to develop a set of recommendations and tools for appropriate land use based on a selection of ecological, cultural and socio-economic criteria for policy and decision makers at local, national, and EU level. In addition the project will study the role of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the process of marginalisation and developing of tools and recommendations for appropriate land use.