Project detail
The concepts for limitation of negative game impact to the forest estate
Funding institution:
Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic
IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Jílové u Prahy, Czech Republic
Responsible at IFER:
Jana Beranová, Radek Russ
Project partners:
Forest Management Institute (FMI), Brandýs nad Labem, Czech Republic
Project realization:
2003 - 2005
The project aim is to evaluate the impact of the game grazing to the development of regeneration and the forest diversity based on comparison of vegetation cover between control areas with long term protection (fencing) and areas of high game pressure in surrounding. The project will focused on i) the evaluation of horizontal and vertical structure of the forest stand, regeneration and ground vegetation using the method of statistical inventory. ii) the economic evaluation of forest in terms of the production and total game protection costs. iii) the calculation of the grazing damage caused by wildlife. iv) the formulation of the suitable forest and game management. v) the formulation of method for the abatement of negative game impact to the forest ecosystem.