Project detail
Northern ToSIA
Funding institution:
European Union
European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland
Responsible at IFER:
Petr Kneblík
Project realization:
2008 - 2011
The decision support tool ToSIA (Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment) is analysing environmental, economic and social impacts of changes in forestry-wood production chains. ToSIA is the predominant product of EFORWOOD. The aim of project is to investigate options for improving the sustainable use of forest resources in selected region of the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) area in Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Norway by using an innovative sustainability impact assessment tool, ToSIA. The Northern ToSIA project applies the ToSIA tool in two real-world settings in its four case studies: 1. Public bodies engaged in regional development strategies will employ the tool in a multi-stakeholder setting to explore better sustainable development scenarios in the region. 2. Companies using forest resources will adapt the tool to their sustainability assessment routines, enabling them to improve their corporate social responsibility as a part of the whole forestry wood value chain operating in the remote conditions of the Northern Periphery region.