Project detail
Pilot study on the use of National Forest Inventories to downscale European forest diversity spatial information in five test areas, covering different geo-physical and geo-botanical conditions
Funding institution:
EC-Joint Research Centre, Italy
Italian Academy of Forest Sciences (Italy)
Responsible at IFER:
Jana Beranová, Radek Russ
Project partners:
see below
Project realization:
2006 - 2008
This study aims to address the feasibility to integrate National Forest Inventories data to downscale large-scale aspects of forest diversity changes. The following partners participate on this project: Italian Academy of Forest Sciences (IAFS) Swedish University of Agriculture, Deparment of Forest Resource Management and Geomatics (SLU) Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products (BHF) Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research (IFER) Swiss Federal Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)