Project detail
TechInLes – Transfer of advanced methodological and technological knowledge in the field of forest ecosystems inventory (Project of Foreign Development Cooperation of the CR designed for the Ukraine)
Funding institution:
Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic
Responsible at IFER:
Martin Černý
Detailed project pages
Project partners:
Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry, Ukraine
Project realization:
2004 - 2006
TechInLes is an abbreviation of the international project submitted within the scope of the Czech Foreign Development Cooperation Programme. Its task submitter is the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR and it is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CR. It was realized between the years 2004 and 2006 (its second round – 2008-2011 – is currently under way).
The project's objective was the provision of technological and methodological assistance during the Ukrainian National Forest Inventory and support with the construction of information base in the Ukrainian forest management. In other terms, a speedy transfer of know-how in the sphere of forest ecosystems inventory to the Ukrainian partners. This shall result in the promotion of development and practical application of advanced methods and technologies of forest inventory which is an important cornerstone for the creation of a forest policy and rational management of natural resources in the Ukraine.
The project's guarantor from the Ukrainian side was the State Commission of Forest Management (GOSKOMLESCHOZ) and the main project's partner was the Ukrainian research and scientific Institute of Forest Management and Agroforest Amelioration (UKRNIILCHA or URIFFM) in Kharkiv. Other project's partners were the following institutions: - UKRGOSLESPROEKT – the Ukrainian State Forest Project, Irpin, - Institute of Forestry at the National Agricultural University of Ukraine in Kiev , - Faculty of Forestry at the State University of Forestry and Wood Technology in Lviv, - Faculty of Forestry of the Kharkiv State Technical University of Agriculture, - Gomolsha Forests national nature park (Kharkiv Region).
The TechInLes project developed intensive collaboration with another project of foreign development cooperation – the Swiss-Ukrainian FORZA project. This project takes place in Transcarpathia and strives to achieve an overall development of this area. The project was conceived in such a way as to combine the transfer of a methodological solution with the supply of specific technologies enabling the application of methods in practice. A significant share of the project was a training programme used to raise qualification of Ukrainian specialists by way of schoolings, field trips, and pilot experiments in the Ukraine as well as the Czech Republic.