Project detail
Methodology of Carbon Offset Monitoring for FACE projects
Funding institution:
Face Foundation, Arnhem, the Netherlands
IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Jílové u Prahy, Czech Republic
Responsible at IFER:
Radek Russ
Project partners:
Face Foundation, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Uganda Wildlife Authority, Mbale, Uganda
National Biomass Study, Kampala, Uganda
Project realization:
2000 - 2002
The aim of this project was to develop a carbon offset monitoring methodology and conduct the first inventory of carbon stock in the Mt. Elgon project area based on advanced Field-Map mapping technology. Another important task was to develop and improve local capacity in the use of advanced forest monitoring methods, data processing and reporting. The outcome of the project was the calculation of the amount of carbon contained in the tree and deadwood biomass on plantations in Mt. Elgon National Park area. It will be used with other information for the calculation of the amount of carbon sequestered by the activities of UWA-Face in Mt. Elgon National Park.