Project detail
COST Action E43: "Harmonisation of National Inventories in Europe: Techniques for Common Reporting"
Funding institution:
European Commission
Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA), Finland
Responsible at IFER:
Emil Cienciala, Martin Černý Jana Beranová
Detailed project pages
Project realization:
2004 - 2008
Project partners: Federal Office and Research Centre for Forests, Department of Forests Inventory, Austria (Mr. Michael PRSKAWETZ)
Austrian Environment Agency, Department for Sustainable Development (Dr. Peter WEISS)
Centre of Forests, Landscape and Planning, Denmark (Ms. Ingeborg CALLESEN, Mr. Jens Peter SKOVSGAARD, Mr. Lars VESTERDAL)
Centre of Forest Protection and Silviculture, The Bureau of Forest Monitoring, Estonia (Ms. Endla ASI)
Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, Finland (Prof. Erkki TOMPPO, Prof. Hannu ILVESNIEMI)
Inventaire Forestier National, France (Mr. Antoine COLIN)
Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products, Institute for Forest Ecology and Forest Assessment, Germany (Dr. Gerald KÄNDLER, Mr. Karsten DUNGER)
Laboratory of Silviculture, Department of Forestry and Natural Environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Dr. Thekla TSITSONI)
Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis, Lund University, Iceland (Ms. Brynhildur BJARNADOTTIR)
Icelandic Forest Service, Iceland (Mr. Arnór SNORRASON, Mr. Larus HEIDARSSON)
University College Dublin, Department of Botany, Ireland (Dr. Kevin BLACK)
University of Tuscia, Italy (Prof. Piermaria CORONA)
University of Molise, Italy (Dr. Vittorio TOSI , Dr. Roberto TOGNETTI)
State Forest Survey Service, Lithuania (Mr. Ričardas BENIUŠIS)
Ministry of Environment, Forests Department, Lithuania (Mr. Giedrius GRIGAS)
Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory, Norway (Prof. Kåre HOBBELSTAD, Dr. Gro HYLEN)
ICAS Focşani, Romania (Mr. Cristinel COSTANDACHE)
Forest Research Institute, Slovak Republic (Dr. Jozef MINDÁS, Dr. Tibor PRIWITZER)
Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia (Mr. Gal KUŠAR)
Servicio de Protección de los Montes contra Agentes Nocivos, Dirección General para la Biodiversidad, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Spain (Dr. Elsa ENRÍQUEZ ALCALDE)
Servicio de Protección Contra Agentes Nocivos en los Montes (SPCAN), Dirección General para la Biodiversidad, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Spain (Dr. Gerardo SÁNCHEZ PEÑA)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Resources and Geomatics, Sweden (Prof. Göran STÅHL, Mr. Hans PETERSSON)
Eidg. Forschungsanstalt für Wald, Schnee und Landschaft (WSL/FNP), Switzerland (Mr. Edgar KAUFMANN)
Forestry Commission, Forest Research, United Kingdom (Dr. Mark BROADMEADOW)

The main objectives of the Action are to improve and harmonise the existing national forest resource inventories in Europe and to support new inventories in such a way that inventories will meet national, European and global level requirements in supplying up- to-date, harmonised and transparent forest resource information for decision (policy) making, and to promote the use of scientifically sound and validated methods in forest inventory designs, data collection and data analysis. The main benefits of the Action are:improved quality of European level forest resource and forest environment data, as well as improved ability of the NFIs to meet both national, European and international requirements for up-to-date forest forest information. The Memorandum of Understanding of the Action entered into force on June 10, 2004. The Action lasts for four years, until June 27, 2008. It works under the supervision of the COST Forests and Forestry Products Technical Committee and is managed by the Management Committee. The main work is carried out in Working Groups. Seminars, Training courses and Short-Term Scientific Missions will be organised. The three working groups are: * WG1: Harmonised definitions and measuring practices. * WG2: Harmonised estimation procedures for carbon pools and carbon pool changes. * WG3: Harmonised indicators and estimation procedures for assessing components of biodiversity with NFI data.