Project detail
EFORWOOD - Tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forestry-Wood Chain
Funding institution:
European Commission
The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, Skogforsk, Sweden
Responsible at IFER:
Martin Černý
Detailed project pages
Project realization:
2005 - 2009
Project partners: Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg, ALUFR, Germany
Alterra BV, Alterra, Netherlands
Asociación de Investigación y Desarrollo en la Industria del Mueble y Afines, Spain
Association Forêt Cellulose, AFOCEL, France
Baden-Württemberg Forest Research Institute, FVA, Germany
BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences, Vienna, Austria
Building Research Establishment, BRE, United Kingdom
Center for International Forestry Research, CIFOR, Indonesia
Centre Tecnologic Forestal de Catalunya, CTFC, Spain
CEPF – Confédération Européenne des Propriétaires Forestiers, Belgium
CIRAD-Forêt, France
Confederation of European Paper Industries, CEPI, Belgium
European Confederation of Woodworking Industries, CEI-Bois, Belgium
European Forest Institute, EFI, Finland
Federal Research Centre for Forestry and Forest Products, BFH, Germany
Forest Research Institute, IBL, Poland
Forest Research, an executive Agency of the Forestry Commission, United Kingdom
InnovaWood Limited, Ireland
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, INRA, France
Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, IFER, Czech Republic
Instituto Superior de Agronomia, ISA, Portugal
JP Management Consulting (Europe) Oy, Finland
Kenniscentrum Papier en Karton, KCPK, Netherlands
Latvian Forestry Research Institute, SILAVA, Latvia
Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, IFE-MUAF, Czech Republic
OY Keskuslaboratorio – Central-laboratorium AB, KCL, Finland
Savcor Indufor OY, Finland
Slovenian Forestry Institute, SFI, Slovenia
STFI-Packforsk AB, Sweden
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, SLU, Sweden
Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Finland
Technical University in Zvolen, TUZVO, Slovakia
The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, UMB, Norway
The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, KVL, Denmark
Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre, CATIE, Costa Rica
Unité de Recherché sur la Productivité des Plantations Industrielles, Congo Republic
Warsaw Agricultural University, Faculty of Forestry, SGGW, Poland

EFORWOOD is a four-year integrated project involving 38 organisations in 18 countries, with an estimated total budget of €20 million – of which the European Commission contribution is approximately €13 million. The project is funded under the EU ‘Global change and ecosystems’ research activities in the Sixth Framework Programme.
EFORWOOD’s aim is to produce what the team describes as a decision-support tool that can be used to evaluate the contribution made to sustainable economic, environmental and social development by and through the European forestry and forest-products sector.
This tool will measure the impact of the activities along the forestry-wood chain (FWC) from each of the three perspectives of sustainability. The overall tool will be the most important product of EFORWOOD. A user-friendly, web-based version will also be developed. It is intended that a number of existing tools, models and databases, identified as potentially useful for the integrated sustainability impact analysis of a forestry-wood chain, will be used and adapted for application in EFORWOOD.
IFER as a leader of WP 1.2 is responsible for building and management of the database.
As a Europe-wide effort to develop an assessment tool for sustainability impact of the forestry-wood chain, the EFORWOOD project is very significant.


Presentation of Eforwood project results is scheduled for 23.9. - 24.9.2009 in Sweden.

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