Field-Map is a comprehensive software and hardware technology for effective computer aided field data collection and subsequent data processing.

Field-Map product line combines flexible real-time GIS software Field-Map with electronic equipment for mapping and dendrometric measurement.

Field-Map application covers a whole range of different tasks ranging from single-tree measurements, research or inventory plot level, forest compartments up to the landscape level.

Field-Map is being used in many projects of forest inventory, forestry research, forestry and landscape mapping and others.

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Software Field-Map consists of three separate modules: FM Project Manager, FM Data Collector and FM Inventory Analyst.

Field-Map Project Manager is used for preparation of your project using friendly user interface without any need of programming skills. You can import your maps, aerial images, data of previous measurement, look-up list of species etc. Field-Map project can be adapted to any common methodology.

Having database structure ready it is possible to start the fieldwork immediately. Field-Map Data Collector automatically adjusts its interface according to the user project. Field-Map directly supports field electronic measurement devices (GPS, laser rangefinder, electronic inclinometer, electronic compass, electronic caliper) and gives the user possibility to map and measure in the field.

After all the measurements are done, the data are analysed using Field-Map Inventory Analyst.


Field-Map software provides a smooth communication between field computer and external measurement devices. Field-Map can use various sets of devices. An example set for three dimensional mapping of forest ecosystems includes laser range finder combined with an electronic inclinometer, an electronic caliper for measuring tree diameters and a GPS (global positioning system) used for georeferencing field measurements. The whole technology is operated by PC compatible field computer running Field-Map software.