Forest services

IFER – Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research - would like to offer following services to forest owners or managers in the field of forest management planning, assortment of forest stands and many more.

Creation of forest management plan based on operational forest inventory

We are able to create forest management plan using the methods of statistical selective enquiry on the inventory plots. Stochastic placing of the plots and the methodology of the enquiry is similar to the enquiry on the sample plots. According to the submitters requirements it is possible to arrange the spectrum of monitored charakteristics. The operational inventory provides relevant data about the forest state in monitored area. When collecting data in the forest we use Field-Map technology ( This technology combines laser range finder with an electronic inclinometer, an electronic caliper for measuring tree diameters and a GPS (global positioning system) used for georeferencing field measurements.
With this methodology of creating forest management plan forest owner is able to get reliable data about the forest stand stock over/under bark, about the species composition, the diameter distribution, the age structure, the quality of logging stock etc.

Assortment of standing volume

For forest management complexes we can create an assortment model either in the frame of operational inventory or as an independent enquiry. The model is based on statistically probative field enquiry of the standing tree stock quality. It fully respects the demands of the forest manager, so that the final assortment is flexible - it respects different requirements on the assortment properties. It is possible to use data from forest management plans and data from forest management records. All this enables forest manager to get an effective planning and control instrument. Assortment model works also with the scenarios of the rot and false heart. With the help of this model forest manager get a view of real assortment composition in his property in m3 and demanded currency and at the same time there is always possibility to refill the database of the sample tree.

Other services

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